I am Cesar Perez. I work as a Research Computer Scientist in machine learning and data analysis.

When I was a child I liked too much to know how things work. I was always looking for some tools to open electronic devices. When I was a teenager I started to worry about the meaning of things and their underlying logic. I started to appreciate Mathematics and the way they can be used to model and explain world’s behavior. However I decided to study computer engineering at university. I’ve worked in several different companies related to software development just to realize that I still like Mathematics, but that gave me a wide insight of a wide range of activities that happen during software development. After all I’m sure that my professional career should focus on working with data. You can also take a look to my CV to get more information.

I also study music in my limited free time. I started listening classical music when I was a teenager. I’ve never had the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument until now. I’m currently taking music theory classes and learning how to play the B-flat clarinet. Despite there are lots of methods and music scores for clarinet, there are many other interesting musical instruments. I’m also learning how to play the bass clarinet (hum! Another clarinet…) and sometimes I dare playing the piano!

You can reach me by email at Your messages will be really appreciated!